Warranty information

Once you have found the watch that suits you, Angelini Watches & Jewelry also offers you a warranty after the purchase. The warranty includes the following elements:

Guarantee of originality

After purchasing your watch you will receive a declaration of originality which ensures the authenticy of the watch and its model name, the reference and serial numbers, the age of the watch and the movement.
The authenticy is identified by checking the brand trademarks, case details, the dail, the movement and the crown of the watch.

Since vintage watches have quite an age, parts may have been replaced such as the crown or the glass. If this is the case, Angelini Watches & Jewelry will indicate this in the description.

Timepiece technical watch guarantee

Angelini Watches & Jewerlry guarantees working of the movement for every watch that’s been sold. The watches are securely checked before placing them on our website. For this reason we can offer the watch with a movement guarantee of six months.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

  • Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care and accidents
  • Water damage
  • Third party repair attempts void the warranty

Please handle your vintage watches with care. There is no guarantee that the watch is waterproof, so do not shower or swim with it. The watch is delivered in an unbranded watch case if no brand case is supplied.

last-updated: 22-07-2019